First time playing – Fortnite: Battle Royale!

Oh Boy See You later Nice holy my oh my god, it’s a trap Nathan gentlemen I am finally doing I have never had so many requests Not in a while to play game And it is for tonight Battle royale you guys been living under a rock for the last six months you may not have heard of player unknowns battle grams She’s just the biggest game in the world pretty much right now on PC hundred players drop into a map Grab supplies and try and fight out to be the last player Remaining as the map size gets smaller and smaller and smaller now I have played a little bit of it and really enjoyed it But I’m just not very good with keyboard and mouse that game is coming out on Xbox at some point in the near future But this game right here fortnight bath oil is a more fun cafeteria version that implements of building is on the PlayStation 4 Console, PC and is literally free to play right now you guys have downloaded I’ll leave a link down below description go and download it right now Check it out because I’m about to play for Probably a long time to see just how well I can do in this game I played for the first time yesterday, and it is extremely fun And I’m so much better with a controller you guys are excited for this smash the thumbs up button if you want to see more Do let me know because I think you will so guys can we get number one out of a hundred? Freaking players are gonna. Give it my best shot guys and let’s get into it This is where the fun starts off on a freaking hot air balloon bus I always like to jump off the map fairly late where am I gonna head to that is a question maybe Retail row I’m thinking Somewhere kind of sensual, but later the drop off on the bus. That’s what I like to go for well There was quite a few people around here this is gonna Get hairy quite quickly if we stay in this area and got my head towards these buildings here and steak I don’t think it’s quite as many people here alright. We’ve landed Let’s get ourselves in so different colors actually denote how good they I think it goes green blue Orange I definitely know that the orange are the best ones We’ve actually got yourself here never had this before a sniper and an SMG which is awesome so we’ve already got some pretty cool weapons to start off here down to 67 players we are oh my god Literally in the center of the circle so when this gets small we’re gonna be absolutely fine, so let’s just keep ourselves alive And not try and engage it anyone quite yet. She’s some big fights going down already nice shotgun We’ll take that much gonna go ahead and switch out the pistol for this green assault rifle like that well I can hear a chest is upstairs.

I think we’re gonna get our first chest guys Where are you? Where are you are are you? What is it above us again? Oh my god? That’s an even better shotgun So I’m gonna take that one instead nice a blue sniper shotgun Green assault rifle cheese We are living it up right now. Let’s see if I can break my way up here, so everything pretty much is Destructible, where are you chest I’ve no idea where it’s gone as I said, I’ve never used a sniper before but this looks ridiculously good already down to 50 players And I have pretty much no reason to move at this point in time this must be a one-shot kill off it’s like chest upwards This is gonna be amazing here.

I’m gonna try some business Okay, so I just feel a little bit up here Which now leads me up to identify can get out of here and a break it down This really matters really if you do what I want, okay? I’m gonna make my way up here and break down this here and then boom I’ve got my own custom sniper spot what your a can goes all right? I’m gonna cool this building metal base for the moment But I do want to see what everyone else is up to at least Get an idea of whether or not there are any more people around me.

I remember kills a nice, but it’s all about surviving Let me in Oh Medkits I think I’m gonna swap the medkit out for the SMG, ooh hear those footsteps That is someone thinks they may be my building guys all over chest is down here No way is this it oh, we found there. It was the house. There’s only 30 of us left right now It’s gonna shrink within us again, which is very lucky oh? Let’s run away from that someone sees me being sported.

I’m going upstairs boys. This is my spot locking it down. Oh, I think there’s someone right in there. I think I can even see him actually you see from getting a cheeky sniper on him God he’s gearing up. How did I miss that sniper short omits?

I was down to the final twenty with no cues to our name, which sucks, but I’m just glad I’m alive I think that guy in the silver who’s gonna say. I think he’s run for it that take that back He is well and truly around and still alive right is Medkit time can only use easy wonder 75% health boom a hundred out of a hundred Oh Shots are going down. Oh my god, We are on the edge of the next shrink as well Geez is only 13 people alive think someone’s built that whole thing there what the heck well here we go Hold up.

Oh Boy, that’s our first kill of the game not gonna bother collecting that stuff doesn’t really look like it’s too good to hold on oh Close but they have a sniper as well okay sniper behind Noted we’re down to eight players guts. We’re done. My harpy’s go like a million miles an hour this room This house does put us within the safe zone, which means that snipers gonna have to push down at some point I’m probably gonna be forced out of his house in the next shrink of rings I say anyone outside that obviously he’s gonna get damaged They could still be running in just gonna finish literally on top of me go on stop stop stop stop. Oh my god, You could not get much closer than that if I want to live this. I’ve gotta make a play right now Oh my god shots going down always down to five jeez Louise Lee trippy people anywhere someone around here easy just see if I can break into here Alright someone up there sim uh oh No I need some bandages desperately damn it.

Oh my god. I’m literally this is gonna finish on me. Oh My God. I’m gonna pop this. I think it just gives me some better resistance Against long-range shots, I can’t really get shot anymore.

What the hell someone’s building something Damn it tally I’m gonna get up in the trees one shot left for my sniper keep yourself Calm Ally making so much noise as I move 1v1 oh my god, I’m getting the ring and stop moving to see if I can hear him let me pop this Nowhere was he with an epic rifle? Oh, I just needed some extra shoot I still had one sniper bullet left. We came in second place. She’s Ice game’s gonna.

Give me a heart attack. Oh My God. We missed some sniper shots to be definite You should have hit which would have given us a few more kills to our name before our first game to come Second that was pretty good. Oh, man.

We could have had our first ever win with our first ever recorded game I didn’t know where they were I didn’t know where they were I couldn’t have done anything else Hey bye YouTube I’ll take it Wow Oh my god Check his look how much health in the armor they had they were good Daffy gonna win They were definitely good guys that first game was pretty damn good, but we got so lucky with a spawn We didn’t have to move at all that was just very very lucky, so oh my god. There’s a lot of people around here I’ve gotta play another game like omnia casino if I can come second again But I’ll give it my best shot for you guys think this area is actually kind of free which is looking good Let’s get ourselves some loot. We’ve got it again We’re pretty much dead center for another round all to someone around here picking up that pistol for sure There’s someone up there be careful ladies and gentlemen. Oh, here he is screwed. He has trapped himself Oh, he is so screwed come out, buddy See you later fights get this reloaded quickly is another one here Nice holy mother of Jesus what a crazy star whoa geez Louise alright Let’s work out what we’re gonna get rid of let’s grab this. Oh my god.

We’ve got a sniper again nice Now grab this pistol upgrade it to blue cheese Louise that was absolutely crazy There’s actually another chest here as well You know what I’m gonna switch out and grab this two kills to our name already guts. Good job alright I’m gonna build this damn. I can’t okay hold on hold on we’re gonna get to his chest guys. Just watch this She’s missing a so much. Hell okay, now. That’s gone We can build that there, and then we should boom be able to get up here Oh Saul try from fortunately annoyingly it’s not like a good colored one I Think I’m gonna switch out for the pistol.

I do like assault rifles I know it’s a Blueface tool But I’d rather have an AR guys alright an AR a sniper and a shotgun and bandages This is great and we’re literally in the middle of the Ring I cannot believe that I cannot believe that Oh more bandages nice all I know down below if you guys better win yet in Fortnight battery I reckon a lot of you guys have. Oh, there was someone nearby my friends. Isn’t Harry loud footsteps are Oh, baby, he was not expecting that let’s go see what Lucas got that’s 3 kills to our name already Yo, what has he got please have an assault rifle no Shotgun shotgun ah no, it’s fine. We don’t need any bad stuff guys we’re good We’re stocked up already so I always try and think of things I did wrong what I can do better next time obviously That’s how you’re gonna improve, and I think this could be a smart idea what I’m gonna. Do is. I’m actually gonna pop this now And see I think this is baby.

Just like additional shielding, so it should last for ages There’s no reason for me to keep hold of it, so I pop both for them it then gives me an extra free slot So I can actually go back and pick up that blue pistol there you go a free slot I’ll pick this one up for the moment, but there we go thinking smart guns now I was so annoyed of how bad my sniper shots were the last game It’s cuz the 80s speed is pretty much the same as a non 80s speed which isn’t normal for most snipers But now that I know I’ll be more careful right so this is the next day We are on the edge, which means if I look in the opposite direction Loads of people are gonna be swarming from that side into this ring So I mean I could just wait for people to come and so pick them off as they run of me But I’d rather get a little bit more central in the ringer. I cannae be smart thing to do Oh Hold him guys is someone right there Right here He’s gonna have to come out when he does he’s gonna get sniped. I’ve got to be careful though I can’t only focus on one person especially in a mode like this, but I need to keep my eye on him I’m gonna see if I can get another angle on him. Oh Baby Ok ok ok Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu let’s go let’s run down here Okay, that guy’s run that guy’s run like it’s hot Let’s get him oh my god, okay that guy ran over there I saw him Whoa that armor literally save me, okay?

We need Bandages oh my god. I’m gonna switch out to my pistol and pick up a med kit as well Okay, oh my god. How did it litchi that armor putting the armor on? Literally save my life Holy Mother of God. I’ve gotta be going this way okay.

Oh No, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it We were literally on the edge guys four kills to our name I could I didn’t even hear her I didn’t even hear her we were so staff a sniper Assault rifle bandages. Oh my god They’re gonna be so looted ah, unfortunately, that assault wife would burst and what I just been using was Otto And I thought I could get an easy kill with it this person gonna go down Oh my god is all kicking off in adoration look out weak. She is look out.

We should Oh Guys all right guys I’m gonna play another game I watched that last game And I’m improving and trying to learn from my mistakes each and every time and I can’t lie It’s a freaking addicting game, right? Think there’s any one name. She’s always good and this looks like a Beautiful drop sounds the whole house only his ammo and doesn’t have any weapons What I’m just gonna use this arm I realize I should just put armor on as soon as you get it so that you’re locked and load It’s not taking up any inventory plate any inventory space so I’m gonna pop that on right away.

How we looking oh? Oh, we’ve got to get across the brook there the lake all right mission get around late That’s the first thing we need to do that. Let’s head towards that building over there God some just try to snipe me may the gods be with me may the gods be with me oh my god There’s nothing in here kill me. I need a weapon Help this guy’s not a good shot.

There is bullet travel in this game So you definitely need to shoot in front of someone, okay, think right of danger from that sniper Now we just gotta hope there’s no one here. Oh someone’s dead there Yolo one for the for the stuff Would you reckon we’d give it a go It’s gonna pick up everything as quickly as I can Okay, at least we’ve got a weapon now nice alright. I don’t know how we survived that but we have a shotgun jeez Louise Oh, okay. We’re live We’re in cover, and we’re in the circle cheese were a crazy close near death star all this sounds cute We’ve got a pistol here. I don’t need that bark and here a chest somewhere.

Oh there. It is okay amazing It’s get up there boys. Yeah, that’s popped up there.

Let’s pop that Rake our way up here. Okay. This needs to be something good. Come on. Give me something sick What are we saying okay an assault rifle and more more armor? I’ll take that not too bad I mean not a great assault rifle But I switch out for my pistol better than nothing all right full armor full health Couldn’t ask for much more burnout Let’s just be careful now think the guy that was sniping me was like over there somewhere But really that’s the center, so let’s head that way so chest up.

Oh my god Yeah, the chest up here alright forget that for a second. I’m just gonna build there. I think that should work Yeah here we go okay nice come on give us something epic give us something amazing Oh A different assault rifle some med kit and a semi-auto Rifle, so this one is like burst this one is auto, so we’ve got two different choices not bad Not as much killing this time, but we’re top 35 which is always good Can’t shake your head at that sniper would be nice But I feel like we just got very lucky to get a sniper before word to be honest with you I’m gonna head towards that building and just try and lock it down for a little bit cuz outputs really Center And we can see where the rings gonna go next okay? Okay, I see you buddy. I see you buddy take you a bit my armor.

You think you’re cool Eh, you know what I’m just gonna leave him alone. I’m the one that come onto this building He’s got to still go over big open fields and mountains so I bounded up mate. Let’s break away into this. Thank you A blue shotgun these things are monstrous definitely taking that oh No, Tom Hold up hold up hold up.

Oh My God he’s Weak Nice Jesus man, okay, whoa all right, let’s be careful here because people will have heard those would have heard that go down, fortunately, Armor is definitely depleted now. I can’t hold more than 15 bandages what I am gonna Do is switch out my SMG for that med kit med kick, and he loved that ton of help, so let’s do that I’m just gonna wait around for a second oh Okay, good fight. Death glad we won that let’s stay alive for a little bit longer top 22, baby Let’s make this happen rings almost honours, and it’s down to 11 people. I’ve heard some shots in that direction But I haven’t seen anyone yet higher. Let’s see what this rings gonna be next this is where it matters. Oh, it’s inside Oh my god.

I’m in the ring. Oh Baby, so if you see all my markers, it’s quite small bits on top It’s actually I believe on top of that mountain right there so we want to climb it we’d have a huge advantage but It’s it’d be a big undertaking. It’s a lot of running I don’t know if there’s anyone up there already or top 9. Can’t see anyone tempted.

I’m tempted to give it a go I’m gonna try oh No, I’m not hold on Alright, let me get back in my house. I’ve spotted someone God. Hopefully doesn’t shoot me. I have spotted someone up the hill though Abort abort from for now abort he’s just behind that tree. Okay again.

I don’t wanna get caught in that situation I get shot in the back see if I can get any Shots in this guy nah screw on the stay in the house see the next one is What are we saying? Okay, okay. It’s just a countdown for this ring. We’ve got a minute half until it is on top of us guys I’m still I’m sticking to my house screw it we’re taking it seriously. Oh there’s someone Oh nice long-range shots case We notice something behind there got a few nice shots on him as long as no one can see us when we’re in a good little spot here oh He’s inside I think oh my god Someone is shooting at me with Things up, I don’t even know what oh my god.

Okay. There is shots going down Behind and in front of me right now. I’m gonna ignore that guy for a second. I think he’s inside I’m gonna ignore him though cuz I’m worried about people that we’re coming from the outside of the room, okay I am gonna be in a bad situation here because I’m gonna be stuck at the edge of the ring I’m gonna have to move I’m worked out, but if you can zoom in on the mini-map I don’t think you can’t just kind of annoying he’s just killed someone on the outer rim you see that there There we go here we go hold on He’s been shot up. He’s been shot up.

He knows he’s weak. There’s only four his left. I’m one of them That’s the second one and there’s a third guy in there! Let’s not get hit by that okay, yeah, let’s not get hit by that Jesus all right I’ve been a bad guy poking out there. I’m gonna stay here, though He’s not got much of those rocket launchers.

I’m sure ah I should ah it is next it’s over there god damn It’s gonna be tough to push. I’m gonna have to make a move at some point I’ll try and go for this little tree I’m gonna stick the outer edge of this ring try and go around it guys I don’t if he’s still in there if he’s smart. He probably will have moved on but oh my god Shot by an epic weapon you can tell by the fact. It was orange top four guys. Oh man.

That was a toughy He actually had less helped me. He’s at 91. I think at a hundred a little bit of armor left Oh fair play we have to make a push guys we have to make a push of rig was getting smaller. It was tough I’m gonna end there three games We came second we came and it was a top 20 with 4 kills And then we came for not too bad wanna see more this games. Do let me know it is seriously seriously fun I just know I’m gonna get very very addicted to it.

Thank you so much for watching guys I hope you’ve enjoyed and I may see you guys through quite will see me soon for some more fortnight back to route